Tier 4 2018 Camp Dues
  • Tier 4 2018 Camp Dues

    Welcome to the Kazbah 2018!
    Your Camp Dues secures your residence at The Kazbah for our most refined year to date.  Year 6 here we go!

    RV Power Fees  (Required 1 Per Entire RV/Trailer NOT per person)
    Welcome to the 24/7 silent, efficient, safe and fume free Kazbah power grid!  Your Power Fee tags/permits are REQUIRED for all RV's or trailers. The fees are for the entire dwelling not per person. Burning Man has strict gas storage rules so we PLEASE ask you NO PERSONAL GENERATORS or RV generators. Thank you for your understanding so we can keep you powered up all week without the mess.


    Why the pricing Tiers?

    Every year we go ALL IN to bring the absolute most to the Playa for the family and the thousands of people who will find themselves at The Kazbah as our guests.  Getting the dues in early is paramount to building, planning, preparing and delivering at our max potential every year.  Your dues are fully refundable all the way up till the gates of Burning Man open on August 26. 

    Tier 1 / Early Contributor
    Now - 5/31



    Tier 2 / Standard Dues

    6/1- 6/31



    Tier 3 / Summer Dues
    7/1- 7/31



    Tier 4 / Late Dues
    8/1- 8/27


    • Return Policy

      Fully Refundable all the way up till the gates open