RV/Trailer Fee

RV/Trailer Fee

Power tags/permits are REQUIRED for all RV's wanting to tap into our 24/7 silent, efficient, safe and fume free power grid. The fees are $1,000 for the entire RV not per person.

Everyone else (yurts, tents, shiftpods, etc.) are not required to pay power fees.


Burning Man has strict gas storage rules so we ask you PLEASE NO PERSONAL GENERATORS or RV generators. We aim to keep you powered up all week hassle free and without the mess. Thank you for your understanding.

Please bring a 50' extension that is compatible with your RV.  This is a common type but double check.  Also, make sure you purchase in advance for an in store pickup in Reno or by other means such as Amazon.  https://www.walmart.com/ip/Camco-RV-50-30-Amp-PowerGrip-Extension-Cord/29764588