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Welcome to the Kazbah 2022!

Your Camp Dues secure your spot at The Kazbah for this year. The dues pay for bringing the entire Kazbah experience to Playa, along with services and amenities that make it a little more enjoyable out in the desert. This includes building of the camp structures and lounges, kitchen, daily meals, private bathrooms and showers, and of course, the iconic Kazbah Pyramid and all the sound and production out on the other side. 


Dues/fees can be payable all at once, or broken down into payments over time. Options are available at checkout. All payments must be fully paid before you arrive to Playa. Your dues are fully refundable all the way until August 21st.


Why the pricing Tiers?

Getting the dues in early is paramount to building, planning, preparing and delivering the camp at our max potential every year. The longer we have to wait for funds, the higher the prices for materials, and the harder it is to acquire them. Please help alleviate the pressure on the camp by paying your part as early as you can.

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