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The Kazbah NFT collection will be ready to mint on 4/4 at 4:44pm PST.

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The Kazbah is a community established in 2013 in San Francisco and originally built around the ambition of hosting great parties at Burning Man. The notion was simple, that if we could create an environment where everyone was taking care of everyone, then no one would hardly need a thing. Over the years we’ve evolved into an international hub for creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs. A space where we can come together, dream up big ideas, and a platform from which we can realize those dreams.

About the Kazbah


A community would be nothing without the individuals that support it, and over the years, our organization has been made possible entirely by the efforts and contributions of many amazing people that have believed in what we’re doing.  We’re creating our Genesis NFT as a means of directly connecting with and rewarding those who support us. Beginning 4/4/22, we’ll begin minting 2,222 of these unique NFTs.

About the NFT


Each NFT will be a unique version of the art designed by the Kazbah team. Furthermore, there will be one of a kind designs assigned at random, which are created by world-class artists that we've partnered with.

  • Why the pricing tiers for dues and what if I can’t come after all?
    If you’ve camped at Kazbah or visited us in previous years, then you already know about the family bond and unique vibe that is part of our identify for so many years. The meals we share, the music, the comfort and the chaos, the taste of luxuries yet the real deal Playa experience, the teamwork, the ethos, the love and the gifting back to the community as a family. More specifically, your dues will help us provide a family dinner every night, a 24/7 power grid, clean and functional showers, lounges, private camp bar, ice cold water and refreshments, ambiance, hookahs, running water and sinks for your cooking and cleaning needs, and everything that make The Kazbah prodcution possible.
  • What are these power fees/tags?
    Power Fee tags/permits are REQUIRED for all RV's wanting to tap into our 24/7 silent, efficient, safe and fume free power grid. The fees are $1,000 for the entire RV not per person. Everyone else (yurts, tents, shiftpods, etc.) are not required to pay power fees. Burning Man has strict gas storage rules so we ask you PLEASE NO PERSONAL GENERATORS or RV generators. We aim to keep you powered up all week hassle free and without the mess. Thank you for your understanding. We highly encourage folks to entertain the idea of ditching the RV if you dare ;) Some of us are quite excited to go back to the yurt villages this year, and we will have the amenities necessary to make your stay as comfortable as possible without having to resort to expensive RV options.
  • Can my friend(s) camp with us?
    While we would love to include everyone that loves the Kazbah and wants to be part of our camp, it is simply not feasible or sustainable to do so. Our camp list for this year has been finalized, and unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to add anyone else. If you would like to be included in our waiting list in case a spot opens up, please send us a message asking to be added.
  • What due my dues get me?
    Family forever during our most formative years. The meals we share, the music, the comfort and the chaos, the taste of luxuries yet the real deal Playa experience, the teamwork, the ethos, the love and the gifting back to the community as a crew.
  • What is the money spent on?
    The money helps us pay for Logistics, Transportation, Generators and Power Grid, Quality Food and Beverages, Shelter, Decor, Camp Water, Infrastructure and comfort not to mention our generous gift and ever evolving Kazbah production across the street. Put simply, without camp dues, we cannot bring the Kazbah as you know it.
  • Are there showers?
    Yes. This year we bring containerized 4 stall shower setup (2 stalls per His/Her sides both their own fully enclosed dressing rooms/sinks/mirrors). This will help eliminate the need for RV’s and will make our camp experience more comfortable than ever.
  • Are there toilets?
    Burning Man provides a porta potty set up for everyone to use, and we are lucky to be in close enough proximity to use it conveniently, but far enough so we don’t experience any of the unpleasantness.
  • Is there shade?
    We have a large private 40’x40’ lounge to vibe out as an internal bar area for the camp. We also have two large lounges on the road across from the pyramid. You will have plenty of space to chill and escape the scorching sun!
  • How about shade for tents?
    We are rebuilding our shade structures that got Dorothy’d in the great tornado of 2017. Our goal is to make sure we can offer some nice shade areas for you playa legends rocking it in our tent city.
  • Can I rent a Yurt/Shiftpod/Tent?
    A few of our overseas friends have opted to have us buy yurts, bell tents, and shiftpods, and store them for the year. Contact us ASAP and we will try our best to make something work although this will be quite limited.
  • Is there food?
    YES! We are excited to be working with an incredible chef this year. Stay tuned for all the tasty updates. In general, you should expect a nice family style dinner every night, and as usual, we try to cater to most diets and food preferences. Please let us know if you require any special meals.
  • Can you help me find a ticket?
    At the Kazbah, no one is left behind. If you’re set on going, try every avenue to get a ticket, and most importantly, start your participation now by getting the early tiers of camp dues in. The dues are 100% refundable if you don’t end up finding a ticket. We have yet to see any of our members not make it due to not finding a ticket. We will try our best to help you find one if you cannot get one on your own.
  • Can I come early and help?
    Yes, BUT you have to tell us ahead of time. If you hope to come early you must let us know very soon because early arrivals require a special ticket. Those are usually reserved for the build crew who will put the entire camp together before the gates officially open. If you have an exact area of expertise or skill set that you want to bring to the table for those first crucial days and nights, contact us and we will evaluate our capacity. Thank You in advance for going all in with us to make this thing happen bigger and better every year.
  • Am I required to have a job at the burn? What kind of jobs are there?
    Yes. Everyone must participate in order to make our camp function and sustain all of our members. You are required to work two shifts when you are on the Playa. To name a few, this includes: Welcome Crew/Camp Placers, Build Crew, Decor/Ambiance, Leave No Trace/Trash/MOOP, Bar, Kitchen, Production, Photography, Video, Stage Management, Healing/Yoga/Spiritual Work, Bike Patrol, Mechanic, Electrical, and more. Make sure you fill out the camp questionnaire, so we can place you in the job you’re best suited for and want to perform.
  • Can we work with our friends?
    The faster your group can get your questionnaires in the better the chances are of getting you all your first jobs selects.
  • What happens if I can’t make a job shift?
    We cannot express enough how crucial each and every job is to the overall flowstate we all strive to achieve as The Kazbah. Every bit of this responsibility and excitement is what makes this all possible. All being said, of course things may come up that are out of your control. If this happens it is important to locate any of the camp managers and inform them right away. Please make sure you have reached out to other camp members to cover for you.
  • Who are the Kazbah Lifers of 2018?
    Ali Khalili ( Danielle Kuzinich ( Firas Ayyad ( Jason Flores ( Sean Behm ( Shareef El-Sissi (
  • Can Kazbah bring/store my bike/tent/etc.?
    No. Sorry we can not store or transport any bikes
  • How about pre-burn work days?
    As the countdown begins towards coming home, there will be a few necessary work days off playa to build our structure and pack them for the journey home. Stay tuned for announcements on when those work days will be held. As a reminder, the camp cannot happen without those work days, so everyone is required to participate in them. If you cannot make it due to your geographical location, you can make it up by picking up an extra shift or two at the burn. We will make sure you have something to do!
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