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The Kazbah NFT collection will be ready to mint on 4/4 at 4:44pm PST.

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About The Kazbah.png


The Kazbah is a community established in 2013 in San Francisco and originally built around the ambition of hosting great parties at Burning Man. The notion was simple, that if we could create an environment where everyone was taking care of everyone, then no one would hardly need a thing. Over the years we’ve evolved into an international hub for creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs. A space where we can come together, dream up big ideas, and a platform from which we can realize those dreams.

About the Kazbah


A community would be nothing without the individuals that support it, and over the years, our organization has been made possible entirely by the efforts and contributions of many amazing people that have believed in what we’re doing.  We’re creating our Genesis NFT as a means of directly connecting with and rewarding those who support us. On 4/4/22 at 4:44pm EST, we’ll begin minting 2,222 of these unique NFTs. The classifications will include 22 legendary NFTs (special artist collaborations), 444 rare NFTs (unique skins and textures), and 1756 classic NFT colorways. All will be randomly generated and assigned at mint for fair distribution.

About the NFT


Each NFT will be a unique version of the art designed by the Kazbah team. Furthermore, there will be one of a kind designs assigned at random, which are created by world-class artists that we've partnered with. Our artist collabs include renowned visionaries such as Michael Benisty and Lefty Out There, among others. 


Proposed Roadmap

The revenues from this NFTs drop are ultimately to enable the Kazbah to bring our planned events and community rewards to reality. Outside of project costs, the funds are earmarked for our event and merch offering, as well as charitable contributions to those in need in our communities.

20% Sold: Developers, artists, and team paid
35% Sold: Q1 and Q2 2022 events held

50% Sold: Q3 and Q4 2022 events held, merch drops

75% Sold: Q1 and Q2 2023 events held

100% Sold: Q3 and Q4 2023 events held, merch drops


The Team




The Kazbah team has employed its full creative potential and resources in the making of this project, and we've partnered with a capable and respected development team in the industry. Insiderz NFT has built and managed a number of highly successful NFT projects, and bring a lot of experience and resources to the table. Best of all, they are very familiar with the Kazbah, its vision, and ethos, and will work to translate that within the scope of our NFTs.

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