A California native, Halloran has solidified himself as one of the hottest new-comers to the underground dance music community. In just a few short years, Halloran has been able to establish a fanbase that spans the entire state and beyond, curating a dark, sexy, and melodic sound that became his signature offering throughout the West Coast. It all began with mind-blowing visit to Burning Man several years back; Halloran was pleasantly surprised to discover fresh perspectives both musically and spiritually. A sensory overload of audio and visual stimulation sparked a deep desire within his soul to explore the limits of heart-moving music. This led him to another journey shortly after, where he had a transformative experience in South America. There, he witnessed the power of live music, Latin culture, and Techno at its best.  Returning to San Francisco after a year of travel abroad, he naturally gravitated towards a flourishing underground dance music scene that was earning quite the reputation worldwide.


It wasn’t long before Halloran dove head first into a music career DJing on a weekly basis in every club, underground party, and afterhours venue he could find. He was quickly invited to open for well-respected and influential artists such as Timo Maas, Matthias Tanzmann, Henry Saiz, and others within the House and Techno music circuit. After moving to Venice Beach, CA, Halloran worked to bring the same level of energy and melodic tones he was known for in San Francisco. Besides playing clubs and underground parties throughout the West Coast, Halloran has been busy playing local and international festivals such as BPM, Northern Nights Music Festival, Burning man, Boogaloo Mountain Jam, Apparitions Festival, Genius Loci Festival, and Lightning in A bottle. Halloran's Goal for 2017 is simple: continue to share his musical taste with others in an articulate way that represents him as an artist, and most importantly, as a quality DJ.


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