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Featured Artists


This is a call out for all visual Artists, both Burners who wish to command the ship during a party or remote content creators, filmer's, programmers and 2D, 3D, 5D gurus from around the world who wish to submit their work for all of Black Rock City to enjoy.


Artists can submit short works remotely to the very capable and trusting hands of our SOTA and Light Harvest leads or if in attendance to Burning Man 2018 join us at the controls for what will be a journey into a Visual Radical Ritual of Light to complement the world class House Music resonating from The Kazbah.


For Artist willing to submit works - Please email us at with your ideas and the assets you need to create your magic and allow us to bring it to the masses.


For Visual Artists in attendance and hoping to be booked into our programing and featured at and beyond please send through a short visual mixtape of your works here: ( With the Subject: Visual Art Submission by _______


Available Design Assets:  Upon your approval and your subsequent requests we have the following assets available for you:

-2017 Kazbah Faces.pdf (Vector but not to full scale)

-2017 Kazbah Faces.dxf (Actual CAD files at scale)

-2017 Kazbah.obj (3D model)

-2017 Kazbah.skp (Sketchup Model)

-2017 Projectors.skp (Projector Throw and Position Design)



Artists confirmed already include both Ryan and Joe plus heavyweights including Obscura Digital, Moment Factory, Cirque Du Solei, Marshmallow Lazer Feast and more.



Participants will have their work shown and captured in 4k by multiple angles for a post burn highlight reel of artists and the many moments that will be shared.



Theme - Visual Ritual and for all you rendering gurus and VJs please make sure your content will play smooth as low as 108 BPM  













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